Article by Make The Days Contributor Chris Bennett


Happiness is fundamental root of all things that are good in your mind. Life is too short to be with out it, so how do you make the best of it every day?

The content of your own happiness should come from within, despite all external hindrances. How hard is it to be truly happy if you hate your job? Stuck in a dead in relationship? Or simply feel like you are mulling along in life and selling yourself short?  Genuine happiness is balance of responsibility and satisfaction.


Is happiness biological? Sure it is. Is it part metaphysical? Possibly. Is it psychological? Yes. The mentality of contentment is complex in nature yet simply beautiful.

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Posted on 24 November, 2008 in Balance, Happiness, Helping Others
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Article by Make The Days Count Contributor Marie Monroe


“I am worthy and deserving of a good life.”

“I am responsible for my life.”

“I am responsible for my own spiritual growth.”


Each of these is an affirmative statement, or affirmation.  Affirmations can be about health, love, respect, God … anything that you want to affirm within yourself.  They send powerful messages deep into our minds.  Written purposefully and said regularly, these statements penetrate levels of our psyche that typically seem to be out of reach, operating beyond our conscious control. 


By using affirmations, we can not only reach the deepest levels of consciousness, but once there, actually change our consciousness as a means of improving our attitude, our feelings about ourselves, and ultimately our lives.  

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Posted on 22 November, 2008 in Balance, Fitness & Health, Goals, Happiness, Making the Day Count
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Article by Make The Days Count Contributor Marie Monroe


As an art therapist, I have been in the business of creativity for 25 years.  My job has been to help others, typically non-artists, to engage in creative work.  What I have learned long the way is that all of us can become “artists” in our own lives with our own brand of creativity … no matter what our calling is or what we do in life.


To understand the benefit of creative work for the average person, it’s helpful to consider how artists behave and what happens along their life journeys.  This gives us a snapshot of creativity in the extreme … a caricature, if you will, in which we can see some interesting detail. Read More »

Posted on 21 November, 2008 in Career, Goals, Happiness
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Article by Make The Days Count Contributor Judy Mosley


Stop.  Take a moment wherever you are and listen. Close your eyes.  Let yourself be quiet.  What can you hear?  What have you been missing amidst all the daily hustle and bustle that weʼve all fallen into?  Now, take a deep breath.  Draw it in like a cool drink of water.  Let it out slowly with intentional delight. The next breath is yours as well.


I want to ask you something.  You will need a pen and some paper.  I want to know . . .


Whatʼs right with your life?


Itʼs so easy to be negative.  Every day, we are bombarded with whatʼs wrong in our world.  Today it’s the economy, jobless claims, fear of recession to name only a few.  We listen to the news, hoping for valuable information, but walk away feeling powerless. We take it mostly because we think itʼs what we should be doing, but also because weʼre used to it.


So … how will you respond?  Whatʼs right with your life?

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Posted on 21 November, 2008 in Balance, Finance & Family, Gratitude, Happiness, Making the Day Count
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Article by Make The Days Count Contributor Chris Bennett


Every body knows that guy who just loves to go the extra mile, on anything and everything.  Audacious to an extent, but you just can’t wrap your mind around how he has so much persistence and such a ridiculous amount of drive.


I ran into this situation recently, and I found myself asking just how in the world this person functions on an off day.  You know, one of those days where getting out of bed is a hassle in its own right, and then you have work or school and have to be around people, it just is not a fun day.  Time seizes up and seems to go by ever so slowly and you cannot fathom being overly productive.  Well, I soon realized that this guy lets nothing stand in his way of his daily quota of productivity, not even a five-minute coffee break just to catch up on the weekend festivities.  


That is one extreme end of the velocity of life spectrum I want nothing to do with.  Which end are you on? Read More »

Posted on 20 November, 2008 in Balance, Career, Finance & Family, Productivity
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