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1. Thank yous and feedback. If you’d just like to say thank you or give me some feedback about this site (positive or negative), please don’t email me … leave a comment on this page or on the page of the article you are reading!

2. Guest posts. If you are interested in publishing a guest post, please Dee DeWitt at

3. Questions and post topic suggestions. If you have a suggestion for a topic, please feel free to email me at While we cannot of course publish all topic suggestions, they all suggestions are appreciated. Likewise, if you email us asking questions about life situations, we cannot reply to every email but will take each question as a suggestion for a new topic.

4. Your blog posts. If you have a blog post you think is really great and you’d like to share it with Make The Days Count readers, please don’t email it to me. Instead, I’d appreciate it if you could bookmark it in, and tag it “for:makethedayscount” (without the quotes). If it’s tagged with this, it will show up in my “links for you” page, and I will see it. If it’s something I’d like to share with my readers, I will. If you send me your post link via email, it will be deleted. Sorry, but again, I have to take these steps to make my life manageable.

5. Promoting your product/service/site. I get a lot of email like this. Please don’t send me anything like this. I do not promote products, services, or websites. If you send me an email like this, it will be marked “spam.” Instead, consider advertising on Make The Days Count.

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