Article by Make The Days Count Contributor Jennifer Snelling


What are you usually looking at when someone is talking to you?  Take a moment to think about it.  For me, it is the computer or television screen, the scenes passing outside the car window, or whatever project or task I’m taking care of at the moment.  I’m often distracted and answer with a simple, “Uh-huh,” or a quick, half-thought response so that I can continue to participate in the conversation without being distracted from whatever I’m involved in.


Not giving your attention to a conversation can have consequences.  Often, you’ll forget important parts of the conversation later on, have miscommunications, arguments, or even come across as not caring to friends and those you love.  The consequences can be equally as damaging in the workplace.


Surely you’ve been in the position of the speaker.  What does it feel like to have something important to communicate or a valid question to ask?  What does it feel like when they respond with an answer that doesn’t help or a comment that communicates that they have more important things to worry about?  Not good.


I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to be that person.  Read More »

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Article by Christian Nanz and Make The Days Count Contributor Judy Mosley

One of the things I am still learning is how to make my days better by allowing myself to do things that bring pleasure to others and to me.  I am also learning how simple little things like making my bed can help me feel productive all day long!  They don’t need to be major undertakings.  It’s interesting that small things bring large doses of happiness or satisfaction.

For example, when I get up on the morning, I like to take my dog for a walk around the neighborhood. He loves going for a walk (and he expects it!), and yet I believe I appreciate the walk a much as he does!  It is my time to relax, be thankful for another day and enjoy.

Of course this is not an exhaustive list.  There are many things that are simple, inexpensive, and easy to do that can add to your day in an incredibly satisfying way.  Perhaps this will spark you to try some of the things on our list or to add to it with ideas of your own. Read More »

Article by Make The Days Count Contributor Tamara Belinc


Maude Womble of Tullahoma never realized retiring at the age of 82 would lead her to another career — one as an artist.


When the day care center where she worked closed, her children talked her into retiring.  “I had to have something to do,” she said. “I’ve worked nearly all of my life.”  She didn’t want to do “public work,” she said. Instead she found something enjoyable she could do at home.  “My daughter, Tammy, brought me a paint-by-number kit,” she said. “I thought if I could do that, I could draw and paint.”


Although she has never had art lessons, she soon found she didn’t need to paint by numbers. She developed her own colorful, primitive style of painting that has attracted many admirers. Read More »

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Article by Make The Days Count Contributor Jennifer Snelling


Have you ever had the overwhelming feeling that not only is there not enough hours of the day, but that you’ll never in your life be able to accomplish all the designs you have in mind? Sometimes it seems there are so many things to do and remember that a task or goal that seems important one day only to fall by the way for days or even years at a time.


For those of us that have many day-to-day responsibilities to fulfill – not to mention accomplishing our short- and long-term goals, it can be hard to stay on track. How can we avoid losing our concentration on our aspirations while still focusing on the matters at hand? How do we keep from feeling completely overwhelmed with it all?


There are three pieces of advice that have stuck in my mind over the years. Read More »

Posted on 14 November, 2008 in Goals, Making the Day Count, Productivity, Simplify
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