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Article By Dee DeWitt

There are many ways to measure success … but there are even more ways to achieve it.  What makes one person successful doesn’t always work for everyone.  Some of us are born with the determination it takes to succeed, and others have to work a little harder to realize our goals. But no matter how you become successful, it isn’t something that happens overnight – it takes some serious effort.


The following tips are things that you can implement right away in your everyday life, at work and at home, to help you be more successful.


You may even do some of them already, but you will likely find others that you never even thought of: Read More »

Posted on 8 July, 2009 in Career, Goals, Productivity
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Article By Dee DeWitt

I have always had a deep apprehension about what I perceive as my shortcomings.  As a result, I’ve always felt intimidated when I start something new.  I know that I have weaknesses, and I’m anxious they’ll lead to my failure.  Even when they don’t and I succeed, many times I feel as if I don’t deserve it.


This isn’t a pity party.  I’m making a point that I believe we all feel this way at some point in our lives … or for some of us … at many times throughout our life.


I’m still learning to turn my weaknesses into strengths and to recognize them as such.  The key, I’m convinced, is the right mindset.


I’m not referring to just the power of positive thinking … but about figuring out ways in which weaknesses can actually be strengths.  If you develop the mindset that weaknesses aren’t really weaknesses, you’ve just broken through your limitations and fears. Read More »

Posted on 30 June, 2009 in Career, Goals, Productivity
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Article By Dee DeWitt

Are the in-boxes in your life stressing you out?


Our lives are filled with “in-boxes” … from email in-boxes to your to-do lists to voice and text messages to a variety of different in-boxes in social networks such Facebook to work applications to RSS readers and bookmarked “to-read” articles and more.  Whew!


For many people, managing all these in-boxes is stressful, never-ending, and complex.  And for many more, simply checking their in-boxes is addictive.


So, how do we simplify things?  How do we clear our in-boxes and let go of the stress of managing them all? Read More »

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Article By Dee DeWitt

We all think we know how to relax.




It’s easy to lounge around and waste time.  But most of us are much too busy to do it much. 


And when we do try to relax, our minds are often on other things.


It is difficult to just relax and enjoy the nothingness.


Relaxing can be a waste of time, or it can be an art form.  Here’s how to become an expert, and in the process increase your concentration when you need to focus and be productive. Read More »

Posted on 29 April, 2009 in Fitness & Health, Productivity
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When we welcome change, instead of resisting it, we will feel more accepting of where we find ourselves.”


Editor’s Note: Make the Days Count is republishing its top 10 articles for the benefit of new readers.  This article was first run on December 5, 2008.  Article by Make The Days Count Contributor Judy Mosley


Every year, I plant sunflowers by the side of our house.  As I leaf through the seed packets, I always fall for the 12 ft. variety, the kind that stands like sentinels as I enter my driveway.  Each year, I plant about 20-25 and check daily to see the progress.


But every year, there is a period when I don’t know what to do.  It’s like an in-between time for me as well as the plants.  I can’t see their growth.  Every day, I walk over and check for sprouts and for a time, see no evidence that I planted anything at all.  Then the worry starts.  Did I plant them wrong? Did the birds eat them?  Were they dead seeds that wouldn’t grow anyway?  I know I can’t dig them up but I am tempted.


Many times, I find myself in the same kind of growth period.  All of us do.  We find ourselves in an in-between place.  It might be that you’ve just graduated and aren’t sure where to go from here. Maybe, you’ve lost a loved one, and being anywhere else seems better than where you are now. Perhaps you find yourself in a place where you need to make new friends, or you are in between jobs. Whatever the case, you feel uncomfortable. You want to make the best choices but aren’t even sure of what they are. Read More »

Posted on 8 April, 2009 in Balance, Goals, Happiness, Productivity
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