Article by Dee DeWitt


Regardless of current events and the pundits who want us to feel otherwise, I believe we all have reasons to be optimistic.  In fact, the most important reason to be optimistic might be just be for the sake of it. Read on, and tell me if you agree:


The concept of positive thinking has been around for centuries and there is a good reason for this. It works.  If you are a person who has a habitual “glass half empty” thought pattern, your glass probably is half empty.  The good news is, you can change your thinking and it will change your life.  It’s not as difficult as you might think, but, first, you must be willing to try. Read More »

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Article by Mary Bea Sullivan


Let’s face it, fear, doom and gloom still seems to pervade our societal consciousness.  Yes … we hear from the news pundits and Washington that the recession is over … but how can that be while we continue to lose jobs, unemployment is sky high, and Wall Street is rewards companies for “economizing” by further workforce reductions?  Enough of my soapbox!


With the current state of things, what can we do to combat a case of the “Economic Blues”?  As one who can be susceptible to this insidious disease, here are four incredible remedies that have helped …


Give Back

Find someone, or an organization we care about and offer our talents in a meaningful way.  It’s amazing how healing it can be to “get outside ourselves.”  Besides, we need to do something with all of that time we used to spend shopping.


Be Grateful

Count your blessings.  Mom knew what she was talking about.  Keep a gratitude journal by starting or ending your day making a list of people/places … anything for which you are grateful.  Just last week I heard the story of a woman who found her way back from a deep depression, and one of the tools that helped her was grabbing a journal and writing about what was good in her life, before her feet even hit the floor. Read More »

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Leaning into change means to trust even when you don’t know how it is all going to work out.  It’s a trust that all will be well.”


Article by Malcolm Marler


The boxes are packed, the office is almost empty.  It’s amazing how much stuff one can gather after a decade and a half in one office. Today, I trust to take all that my colleagues and patients have taught me to a new playing field at UAB Hospital as Director of Pastoral Care. And I will “lean into this change,” even though I don’t know the answers of how my new path will go.


Barbara Crafton is an Episcopal priest who recently wrote the words below about what it is like to leave a place you love.  Her words fit what I’m feeling about leaving those I love at The 1917 Clinic at UAB after 15 and 1/2 years as chaplain …


“We had felt so secure with one another, so anchored in this small world, small enough to be manageable, yet productive of more than enough drama to keep us occupied. There was always some new outrage at which to gasp, some funny human frailty exposed. My weaning from it all took a little while. You love the place where you are, and you don’t want to leave. You don’t ever want to leave. But you do leave, and peeling yourself away from familiar people and things hurts. It hurts every time you do it, no matter how many times there are.”


One of the things I have learned in this place is to lean into change, rather than to fight it.


Leaning into change means to trust even when you don’t know how it is all going to work out.  It’s a trust that all will be well. Read More »

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Article by Dee DeWitt


It’s in the headlines, it’s on the news, and it’s in our day-to-day conversations with people we care about: family, friends, co-workers, neighbors and people within our spiritual circles.  Lost jobs.  Lost homes. Lost hope. 


When you’re out of work, where do you turn when it seems nobody can help you or those you love?  How to you overcome unemployment and the negative emotions surrounding it?


Try turning to God and using affirmative prayers.


Originally created in response to their own financial and personal challenges, I have adapted the following affirmations and prayers developed by Paul and Tracey McManus, authors of The 7 Great Prayers: For a Lifetime of Hope and Blessings.


1. Change Your Focus – Give Praise. Take your mind off your life’s challenges and shift your focus toward good thoughts and attaining a new job. For many of your affirmations, affirm as though you have already been blessed with what you are asking for.


Affirmation: I love you God and welcome you into my heart.  Thank you for blessing me with a new job.


2. Put Yourself in a State of Gratitude.  Take a moment and reflect on all the good things in your life and give thanks.  Change your thinking from lack to thanks.  Affirmations without taking action are just wishes.  Take steps forward every day to find a new job and give thanks for everything during the day.  There is nothing too small to give thanks for.  For example, thank God for the beautiful day, a smile, a kind word, not to mention your health, family, etc. Read More »

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Article by Dee DeWitt

The other night I was sitting down with a long-time friend brother watching an NFL preseason football game, and we started talking about the “good ol’ days” and all of our plans for the future. After a while, we paused and then started laughing because it seemed as though I was trapped in the past and he was really concerned about the future.


It seems that, for most of the conversation, I had been talking about how things used to be.  On the other hand, he spent most of the time wondering about how hard things are going to be.  We both realized that holding on to the past and worrying about the future was keeping us from being happy today.


So with this in mind, I have decided it was time for me to start letting go of my past and not fear my future.  It’s a work in progress for sure … and it includes balancing letting go and honoring the past. Read More »

Posted on 11 September, 2009 in Happiness, Making the Day Count, Motivation
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