Article by Jeanne Tessier, Edited by Dee DeWitt


God has a great sense of humor.  I came to this realization late in life, but now am frequently reminded of the reality of this (for me) quite unexpected truth.


I was raised with a God of wrath and admonition and believed from an early age that I was a creature too unworthy to be loved, much less played with and enjoyed.  Yet all the while, unknown to me, God laughs.


Here’s a recent – and personal – example of how God’s loving humor enriches and challenges me.


I had been thinking abstractly about getting a dog again “someday,” having been pet-free for seven years.  My brother Bob’s lovely border collie, Hannah, gave birth to seven pups in late fall.  Bob and his wife Kath began advocating for me to take one.  On New Year’s Day, Bob drove up from southwestern Kentucky to see me and announced that he and Kath had picked out one of the pups for me, a little one – last of the litter – they called Tough Guy.


I said I didn’t really want a tough guy, that I’d thought for years that if I ever got another dog, I’d want to name it Spirit.  Bob asked why, and I told him of a book I read years ago by Watchman Nee in which Nee talked about the importance of getting up every day and taking one’s spirit out for a walk.


Bob said he’d go home that evening, go out to the pups and call for Spirit, and whichever one came, that would be the one.  Well, that same night I dreamed … I was seated at a large gathering, where suddenly a dog came and planted itself directly in front of me, and stared intently into my face. Read More »

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Article by Malcolm Marler, Edited by Dee DeWitt


If you have ever had a catastrophic event happen in your life where everything was fine one day, and the next day your life was changed forever, you understand.


If you have ever loved someone with your whole heart and s/he died suddenly without warning and you lived in shock and numbness for weeks, months, or even years, you understand.


If you have ever had a friend or family member suffer with cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, HIV, or any other illness that caused an enormous amount of suffering for the patient and for the caregiver, you understand.


If you have ever had the hopes and dreams of a marriage crumble before your eyes even when you tried to do everything you could do to save it, you understand.


If you have ever put your trust in someone completely without reservation only to find out that you had been misled or lied to, you understand.


If you have ever been hungry, or without a home, or suddenly without a job, you understand.


If you are ever been so overwhelmed by debt that you could not pay your bills, you understand.


If you have ever pretended to be one type of person to the world when you were another, you understand.


And what do you understand if you have experienced any of these things? Read More »

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Article by Mary Be a Sullivan, Edited by Dee DeWitt


Nestled in my favorite green chair, warmed by the fire and MIss White’s hand-sewn quilt, I was enjoying an unusually peaceful evening alone.


Suddenly the stillness was shattered by a low, snarling growl from my dog, Daisy…


Hesitantly, I stood up to turn the outside light on when I spotted the object of Daisy’s over-zealous protection – a raccoon swinging from one of the bird feeders on the deck.


My involuntary reaction was disgust.  Those stupid raccoons make such a mess!  Ugh!  What a waste of bird seed!


I was about to shoo the intruder away when I paused for an instant.  Instead of a messy pest I noticed a sweet face staring back at me and returned his gaze.  Stillness hovered under the moon-lit sky as we silently watched one another.  Looking into his eyes, I began to soften…


Where there was repulsion, there was now attraction.  Moments before, yelling at the raccoon seemed the most appropriate response; now that I knew him, that felt like a cruel way to treat a fellow creature. Read More »

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Article by Dee DeWitt, Edited by Dee DeWitt


If we’re not busy, we feel unproductive and lazy …


That’s what we’re taught in this fast-paced, cram as many things into each day as possible world.  The modern world where everything is a rush.  Moreover, we compete by trying to show how busy we are … and the winner is the person with the most insane schedule, because obviously that means he’s the most popular and successful.


Well, maybe not. Perhaps the modern world is wrong.  Perhaps the speed and sheer volume of doing is not as important as what we focus on doing.


Perhaps we need to slow down … so that we don’t miss out on life with our constant rushing.  Slow down, stop rushing, and enjoy life. Read More »

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When you remember me, it means that you have carried something of who I am with you, that I have left some mark of who I am on who you are.”  Frederick Buechner


Article by Mary Be a Sullivan, edited by Dee DeWitt


How often do we take time to remember the people who have made a difference in our lives?


Take a moment and think back to a time when you were going through a rough patch and someone stepped in to make a difference in a significant way …


Maybe it was a teacher who noticed you were having trouble “fitting in” and she helped you feel safe.  Or perhaps it was a neighbor who noticed you were sad and she took the time to listen to your troubles.  If we stop and think about it long enough the list of kindnesses we have received in our lifetimes are innumerable.


Wouldn’t it be nice just to remember a few?


So … go ahead.  Take just minute and REMEMBER someone who has been good to you.  What did he or she do that touched you deeply?  How did you respond to their kindness?  Have you ever told them how they made a difference?  Would you want to tell them again?


If you haven’t ever told that person the impact they have had on you, would you want to now?  If you do, feel free to let us know how it went.  Remembering … a way to relive the gift.  Acknowledging … a way to share the gift!


Who do you remember? Read More »

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