Article by Mary Bea Sullivan


In her book, The Desert Mothers, Rev. Mary C. Earle quotes Amma Syncletica as saying, “Salvation is exactly this – the two-fold love of God and of our neighbor.”


Sounds familiar doesn’t it?


Many of us have heard or read Matthew 22:36-40 many times … “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and all your soul, and with all your mind. This is the first and greatest commandment.  And the second is like it: Love your neighbor as yourself. All the Law and all the Prophets hang on these two commandments.”


Easy to read … not so easy to live. Read More »

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Article by Stephanie Johnson


Modern life is hectic, and with the economy the way it is, a lot of people have to make sacrifices just to get by.


Usually the first thing that suffers is quality time together with loved ones, which is a terrible thing. Our loved ones are our haven, our safe place to come to when the outside world gets to be too much.


My fiancé and I now have schedules that are direct opposites of each other.  He works at night and I work during the day.  When I’m awake he’s asleep and vice versa.  We’re also both going to school, both at the same time, so that makes our window of opportunity to spend quality of time together even smaller.


Recently, we’ve also put on a little weight … so we’ve made a commitment to walking a mile in the park every morning.  The only time we can do this is at 6:00 in the morning – after he gets home from his shift, and I’ve just woken up.


There’s almost never anyone else out in our park at that time.  So we walk together and watch the sunrise, and it’s almost like we’re in our own little world.


We both have to make sacrifices in order to do this, but we love the time together, and, the fact that we’re getting healthy together.  There’s a little gazebo at the end of the trail we sit in together after the walk, watching the wildlife and listening to the soft morning wind rustle the trees.  It’s a beautiful moment we share together, and it’s worth losing a little sleep. Read More »

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Article by Dr. Les Hollon, Pastor, Trinity Baptist Church


Love is credible as love is specific.  Our love needs are met as we specifically give love and receive love. And acts of loving service are a vital love language.


When we serve, we are meeting specific needs in the other person’s life.  When we ask, “may I help you”? … we are communicating our desire to make life better for the other person.  By connecting our willing service to their need, we show love as sweat.


Love shifts from being a noun and becomes a verb.  “Come hope me,” is how Ed heard it as a boy.  Men & women, boys & girls, – all working in the fields together.  When one of the big people needed help, the word came out as hope. That is just how it was said in the hills of his home country.  As a boy he saw the connection, and as a man has lived the connection.


“Come hope me,” is what any of us are saying when we are in the midst of genuine need.  As we give help, we provide hope.  As we give service, we show love in a way the person needs to receive love. As we are loved, trust is built.  Upon these three – faith (used interchangeably as trust in the New Testament), hope, and love – a worthy life is built (I Corinthians 13:13). Read More »

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Article by Dr. Les Hollon, Pastor, Trinity Baptist Church


Can we spend some time together? This is one way we say to one another, “you matter to me.”  When our response is “Yes” … we express our loving openness to connect.


Our connection may be over a drink at the corner coffee café, by texting or emailing, by sitting next to each other in worship, by yelling together at a football game, by walking the land, by starting school prayerfully thinking of each other, by shopping together, by visiting in the hospital, by having an office conversation, by imagining and praying for each other when separated by miles … really our connections can be through anything that we find meaningful.  In our 21st century world there are many quality ways for us to invest time with each other.


For love to be expressed through time, we must: Read More »

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Article By Dee DeWitt

Have you ever thought about how many words do you speak during an average day?  Not including text messaging and emails, the average person speaks about 16,000 words each day.


Of course, much of what we say each day can be much less important than we would hope … minor chit-chat, short exchanges at the checkout line, and (hopefully not often) rants and raves.


There are often things we forgot to say, things we wish later we had said, and still other things we wish we had never said at all throughout the day …


Yet the list is pretty short when you think of the essential things we should make sure to say each day.  Here are my top 6.  I’ll wager you believe the list is fairly simplistic … yet the positive impact these six things can make in your day – and in the days of others – is pretty dramatic: Read More »

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