Article By Dee DeWitt


Over the past several years, the trend in our society is for people to be separated from one another … allowing us to be alone – and lonely – in the midst of a crowd.  And in doing so to be dehumanized, or perhaps desensitized, a little bit more with each step.


Front porches and time spent with our neighbors have given way to the hectic pace of our individual lives and high walls or fences … separating neighbor from neighbor to the point where many times we don’t even know the names of our neighbors.


Similarly, cars have taken us off the streets, where we used to greet each other and stop to chat. Cubicles have taken away a bit of the humanity in working, as have even computers to some extent. Television has planted us firmly in our living rooms, instead of out with other people.


Even still, I’m not suggesting we rip out our fences, give up our cars, or toss our computers and TVs.  The positive impact they’ve had upon our standard of living is very real (except perhaps the cubicle).


What I am suggesting is that we must be careful not to focus on ourselves focused on ourselves to the exclusion of our fellow human beings … the tendency towards isolation rather than community, towards a focus on self to the exclusion of helping others.


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Posted on 12 November, 2009 in Gratitude, Happiness, Helping Others
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Article by Dr. Les Hollon, Pastor, Trinity Baptist Church


Living in a way that makes the world a better place is a desire that beats inside everyone at some time in our lives.  The compassion of Jesus makes it possible for us to be change agents for good … a gospel kind of goodness.


Jesus’ compassion is a profoundly simple source.  He loves us. He wants the best for us.  He wants us to want the best and to do the best for other people.  Jesus makes this best possible by loving us in a way that we can also love each other. Through this love we are bonded together. Read More »

Posted on 7 November, 2009 in Helping Others, Spirituality
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Article by Dr. Les Hollon, Pastor, Trinity Baptist Church


The willingness to help, to make a good difference in our world, is particularly a great capability God gives all of us.  But like all gifts it must be known and used if it is to be enjoyed.


The willingness to help opens up the right opportunities to help.  Which is the truth behind this anonymous quote: “Once upon a time there were four people – Everybody, Somebody, Nobody, and Anybody. Whenever help was needed Everybody was sure that Somebody would do it. But in the end Nobody did what Anybody could have done in the first place.”


Deborah, the prophet, was a somebody who helped anybody overcome the sense of being a nobody so that everybody could live a better life.  She helps us to see how we can successfully know this joy in our lives by our accepting and using our gifts to help people.


Deborah lived in troubled times.  We know about living in troubled times.  The troubles of her times were caused by everybody in her country “doing as they saw fit in their own eyes.”


We can imagine the troubles this level of collective selfishness caused in her times.  We know the pain of when the same happens in our times.  Regardless if what they did pleased God or hurt others, most people did as they saw fit (Judges 4:1).  Consequently, and our decisions always produces consequences, life was getting worse at an alarming rate.


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Article by Dee DeWitt

Want to feel better fast?  This strategy works.  And it’s so simple.  Even better, you can do this at home, at work, with friends, family … with anyone.


There is something you can do right now that will make you feel better almost instantly and here’s how to do it…


To feel better fast, stop thinking about yourself.  Instead, turn your attention to others.  And when you do this, do something very specific … tell that other person how much you appreciate them.


Sounds so simple, doesn’t it?  It works and here’s why.  When you tell someone how much you appreciate them, you make them feel better.  When you make someone else feel better, you also feel better.


That’s the secret.  Help others feel better and you’ll feel better – and what better way to make others feel better than by letting them know that you appreciate them!


Here are 3 ways to show your appreciate for others and feel better fast: Read More »

Posted on 17 October, 2009 in Gratitude, Helping Others
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Article by Dee DeWitt

Business tycoons, celebrities, “self-made” success stories, glitz, glam … we often think that our success depends on focusing on ourselves.


This simply isn’t true.


Every truly successful person knows that you become successful because of how much value you give to others.  We too often forget this.


It works the same way with our happiness, too.  When I’m overly focused on my goals and my feelings and my desires, I begin to feel frustrated, going nowhere, empty.  When I’m focused on myself, it’s easy to think that everything is about me.  But it’s not.  When I’m so focused on myself, I become easily offended by others, and I take personally all the things in the world that don’t go the way I think they should … as if the world knows who I am … when they’re really just doing those things because of themselves.


See how easy it is to become lonely, depressed, angry, empty … when you feel self-important? Read More »

Posted on 15 October, 2009 in Goals, Gratitude, Helping Others
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