Receptivity only happens in the present moment.”

Mary Whetsell


Article by Mary Bea Sullivan


My receivers seem to have been out of commission lately. Try as I might, not much new has been cranking.  This traditionally idea-flooded imagination is experiencing a drought.  What to write about?  What kind of programs to offer?  Even coming up with new dinner menus is daunting.  A lot of the same old same keeps floating around.


Last week I was creating a “personal retreat” for a friend and client.  As I pulled together inspirational writings and prayer practices for her day of Sabbath, I explored one of the practices myself -”The Desire Prayer” from Teresa A. Blythe’s, 50 Ways to Pray.


The instructions are quite simple: Read More »

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Article by Dee DeWitt


Regardless of current events and the pundits who want us to feel otherwise, I believe we all have reasons to be optimistic.  In fact, the most important reason to be optimistic might be just be for the sake of it. Read on, and tell me if you agree:


The concept of positive thinking has been around for centuries and there is a good reason for this. It works.  If you are a person who has a habitual “glass half empty” thought pattern, your glass probably is half empty.  The good news is, you can change your thinking and it will change your life.  It’s not as difficult as you might think, but, first, you must be willing to try. Read More »

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Article by Dee DeWitt

Business tycoons, celebrities, “self-made” success stories, glitz, glam … we often think that our success depends on focusing on ourselves.


This simply isn’t true.


Every truly successful person knows that you become successful because of how much value you give to others.  We too often forget this.


It works the same way with our happiness, too.  When I’m overly focused on my goals and my feelings and my desires, I begin to feel frustrated, going nowhere, empty.  When I’m focused on myself, it’s easy to think that everything is about me.  But it’s not.  When I’m so focused on myself, I become easily offended by others, and I take personally all the things in the world that don’t go the way I think they should … as if the world knows who I am … when they’re really just doing those things because of themselves.


See how easy it is to become lonely, depressed, angry, empty … when you feel self-important? Read More »

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Article by Judy Mosley

For my family, this year has proved to be a lesson in money management.


Through the recession, we made a plan for our money to ensure that our basic needs were met.  Our bills were paid, but we often had to forgo the fun spending to make sure that happened.  Instead, we created our own fun by using our imagination and deciding what we really wanted to do when did get a little extra “play” money.


As my husband’s hours increased, so did his paycheck.  And during the first few weeks, we started going out again, and doing a few nice little things for each other.  But we quickly noticed how fast we would run out of “play” money. By the end of the month, we started feeling confused about where our money was even going.


We realized that if we wanted to get the best out of our money, we had to be more intentional with it.


Whether you have a lot or a little, money is something that everyone must learn how to handle.  If we don’t discover how to use our money to create a more fulfilled life, it will be squandered in little ways, leaving us wondering where it went.


Here are a few things that my own family has been learning in the process of handling our own funds. Read More »

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Article by Judy Mosley

We knew they were coming.  They’ve arrived at our address every year for the past five years.  Their arrivals have always been expected.  Yet every year, their arrival would cause both my husband and me grief and stressful frenzy.  But not today. For the past year, we have been preparing for their coming.


So now, they are here, and we’re ready for them. They are our house tax bills.


Two years ago, as part of our Sunday school class, we went through a financial series using the resources of Dave Ramsey.  My husband had a good job and we had been slowly letting go our material-for-pleasure mindset.  But after this class, we decided to redefine everything when it came to money.  And I can truthfully say that Dave Ramsey set us on a path of financial freedom that we had never experienced before. Read More »

Posted on 7 October, 2009 in Finance & Family, Goals, Happiness
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