Article by Make The Days Count Contributor Marie Monroe


“I am worthy and deserving of a good life.”

“I am responsible for my life.”

“I am responsible for my own spiritual growth.”


Each of these is an affirmative statement, or affirmation.  Affirmations can be about health, love, respect, God … anything that you want to affirm within yourself.  They send powerful messages deep into our minds.  Written purposefully and said regularly, these statements penetrate levels of our psyche that typically seem to be out of reach, operating beyond our conscious control. 


By using affirmations, we can not only reach the deepest levels of consciousness, but once there, actually change our consciousness as a means of improving our attitude, our feelings about ourselves, and ultimately our lives.  

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Posted on 22 November, 2008 in Balance, Fitness & Health, Goals, Happiness, Making the Day Count
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Article by Make The Days Count Contributor Marie Monroe


As an art therapist, I have been in the business of creativity for 25 years.  My job has been to help others, typically non-artists, to engage in creative work.  What I have learned long the way is that all of us can become “artists” in our own lives with our own brand of creativity … no matter what our calling is or what we do in life.


To understand the benefit of creative work for the average person, it’s helpful to consider how artists behave and what happens along their life journeys.  This gives us a snapshot of creativity in the extreme … a caricature, if you will, in which we can see some interesting detail. Read More »

Posted on 21 November, 2008 in Career, Goals, Happiness
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Article by Make The Days Count Contributor Judy Mosley


Life is full of challenges.  All of us have, at one point or another, decided how we are going to live our lives.  Itʼs the journey that everyone makes.  But, it can be difficult to do when there arenʼt many people around us to model our lives after.  


Still, we push forward.  We lose 50 lbs., learn to organize our home, develop healthy relationships, or we find our dream job.  Weʼve conquered the various mountains that have stood in our path.  Yet, after the fact, we might feel reaching our goal is anticlimactic or even feel at a loss.  


What now?  Whatʼs next, now that weʼve achieved what weʼve set out to do?  Wasnʼt mastering the challenge the point?  Or, is there life afterwards that we hadnʼt thought of? Read More »

Posted on 20 November, 2008 in Balance, Fitness & Health, Goals, Happiness, Helping Others
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Article by Make The Days Count Contributor Jennifer Snelling


Have you ever had the overwhelming feeling that not only is there not enough hours of the day, but that you’ll never in your life be able to accomplish all the designs you have in mind? Sometimes it seems there are so many things to do and remember that a task or goal that seems important one day only to fall by the way for days or even years at a time.


For those of us that have many day-to-day responsibilities to fulfill – not to mention accomplishing our short- and long-term goals, it can be hard to stay on track. How can we avoid losing our concentration on our aspirations while still focusing on the matters at hand? How do we keep from feeling completely overwhelmed with it all?


There are three pieces of advice that have stuck in my mind over the years. Read More »

Posted on 14 November, 2008 in Goals, Making the Day Count, Productivity, Simplify
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