Article by Judy Mosley

We knew they were coming.  They’ve arrived at our address every year for the past five years.  Their arrivals have always been expected.  Yet every year, their arrival would cause both my husband and me grief and stressful frenzy.  But not today. For the past year, we have been preparing for their coming.


So now, they are here, and we’re ready for them. They are our house tax bills.


Two years ago, as part of our Sunday school class, we went through a financial series using the resources of Dave Ramsey.  My husband had a good job and we had been slowly letting go our material-for-pleasure mindset.  But after this class, we decided to redefine everything when it came to money.  And I can truthfully say that Dave Ramsey set us on a path of financial freedom that we had never experienced before. Read More »

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Article by Judy Mosley


“Good Night,”

“Sleep Tight,”

“Dream of bedbugs tonight!”


This is our nightly ritual.  Every night before bed, my son and I quote this goodnight wish from Lion King 1 ½.


For me, this is a connection that I make with my son. Whether or not I like the movie is irrelevant.  But what is important is that I can show my love for my son, by joining in his interests and what he likes to do.  Quoting movie lines is one of them.


What is it that holds a relationship together?  What are the things that really matter in a relationship? Many people begin a relationship because of a shared interest or common goal.  But what happens if those interests change?  Or … what if your own interests change, but the other persons do not? Should the relationship end?  Or is life giving us another opportunity to rediscover and to keep connecting with the person that we love? Read More »

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Article by Stephanie Johnson


Modern life is hectic, and with the economy the way it is, a lot of people have to make sacrifices just to get by.


Usually the first thing that suffers is quality time together with loved ones, which is a terrible thing. Our loved ones are our haven, our safe place to come to when the outside world gets to be too much.


My fiancé and I now have schedules that are direct opposites of each other.  He works at night and I work during the day.  When I’m awake he’s asleep and vice versa.  We’re also both going to school, both at the same time, so that makes our window of opportunity to spend quality of time together even smaller.


Recently, we’ve also put on a little weight … so we’ve made a commitment to walking a mile in the park every morning.  The only time we can do this is at 6:00 in the morning – after he gets home from his shift, and I’ve just woken up.


There’s almost never anyone else out in our park at that time.  So we walk together and watch the sunrise, and it’s almost like we’re in our own little world.


We both have to make sacrifices in order to do this, but we love the time together, and, the fact that we’re getting healthy together.  There’s a little gazebo at the end of the trail we sit in together after the walk, watching the wildlife and listening to the soft morning wind rustle the trees.  It’s a beautiful moment we share together, and it’s worth losing a little sleep. Read More »

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God promises to give you wisdom …

“If any of you lacks wisdom, he should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to him.”

James 1:5 (NIV)

Posted on 24 August, 2009 in Finance & Family, Spirituality
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Article By Dee DeWitt

It’s true that not all employers will be enthusiastic about hiring, or even retaining, older workers in the coming year(s).  But the good news is that the overall statistics might well be on your side if you’re 50 or older.


The limited numbers of younger generations simply will not match the rising need for workers over the next 10 years.


This may not be of consolation now with the economy in recession and many more job seekers than there are jobs to fill … but it is good news for the future if you are a baby boomer.


What this means for the longer term is that employers will be forced to look at alternate labor sources.  Of course they can outsource, further automate or contract their staffing ranks, but this will not suffice in all cases.  And besides, many baby boomers may prefer contract employment relationships for a variety of reasons. Read More »

Posted on 14 August, 2009 in Career, Finance & Family
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