Article by Make The Days Count Contributor Marie Monroe


As an art therapist, I have been in the business of creativity for 25 years.  My job has been to help others, typically non-artists, to engage in creative work.  What I have learned long the way is that all of us can become “artists” in our own lives with our own brand of creativity … no matter what our calling is or what we do in life.


To understand the benefit of creative work for the average person, it’s helpful to consider how artists behave and what happens along their life journeys.  This gives us a snapshot of creativity in the extreme … a caricature, if you will, in which we can see some interesting detail. Read More »

Posted on 21 November, 2008 in Career, Goals, Happiness
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Article by Make The Days Count Contributor Chris Bennett


Every body knows that guy who just loves to go the extra mile, on anything and everything.  Audacious to an extent, but you just can’t wrap your mind around how he has so much persistence and such a ridiculous amount of drive.


I ran into this situation recently, and I found myself asking just how in the world this person functions on an off day.  You know, one of those days where getting out of bed is a hassle in its own right, and then you have work or school and have to be around people, it just is not a fun day.  Time seizes up and seems to go by ever so slowly and you cannot fathom being overly productive.  Well, I soon realized that this guy lets nothing stand in his way of his daily quota of productivity, not even a five-minute coffee break just to catch up on the weekend festivities.  


That is one extreme end of the velocity of life spectrum I want nothing to do with.  Which end are you on? Read More »

Posted on 20 November, 2008 in Balance, Career, Finance & Family, Productivity
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Article by Make The Days Count Contributor Judy Mosley


The alarm goes off. Quickly, you slam the snooze just praying for five more minutes. And, you get them but feel even worse after the alarm rings again. You get up, already feeling the dread seeping in. It’s not waking up that’s the problem, it’s facing whatever it is that makes you feel “just not right.”


So, what is it? Your relationships? The pain in your body? The boss that dries up your heart the moment you walk in the door? Is it the daycare that you just don’t feel right about or those five pounds you were going to lose? Maybe, it’s your finances? Whatever it is, you just wish the feeling would go away. You try everything to make it disappear. You explain away your fears, making excuses for things that just “aren’t right.” Or, you just ignore them.


And there lies the challenge! None of us can ignore what’s going on around us and to us. Everything that comes into your life has come for a purpose. Even the feelings that you just can’t shake, no matter what you do to be rid of them. You have been given a gift and these gifts can change the course of your life. It all depends on what you do with them.


It’s time for each of us to pay attention to our lives No more rationalizing, making excuses, or ignoring the problem. Read More »

Posted on 15 November, 2008 in Balance, Career, Finance & Family, Fitness & Health, Helping Others, Spirituality
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Article by Make The Days Count Contributor Tamara Belinc


Maude Womble of Tullahoma never realized retiring at the age of 82 would lead her to another career — one as an artist.


When the day care center where she worked closed, her children talked her into retiring.  “I had to have something to do,” she said. “I’ve worked nearly all of my life.”  She didn’t want to do “public work,” she said. Instead she found something enjoyable she could do at home.  “My daughter, Tammy, brought me a paint-by-number kit,” she said. “I thought if I could do that, I could draw and paint.”


Although she has never had art lessons, she soon found she didn’t need to paint by numbers. She developed her own colorful, primitive style of painting that has attracted many admirers. Read More »

Posted on 14 November, 2008 in Career, Happiness, Inspirational Stories, Motivation, Productivity
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