Thankfully, this is not about winning and losing.  It is about fully living …”


Article by Malcolm Marler


Today, I’m remembering what it felt like just before kickoff when I played football many years ago for Clemson University …


This post is not ultimately about football … it’s about my life … right now at 54 years old and how I physically feel today.  Let me describe the feeling first…


Just before kickoff, there were always butterflies in my stomach.  Do you know what I mean?  Not a feeling of fear, but rather anticipation, nervousness, and excitement simultaneously.  My heart would beat about 90 times per minute compared to my normal 60.


It was anticipation of a game that I loved to play … I had dreamed of, longed for, and prepared for this moment.  I knew who I was and what my mission was.  The time for thinking had past.  It was time to trust all of the practice, all of the coaching, all of my teammates, and all of my deepest instincts.  It was time to let go and react and respond to each and every moment.  I loved being on the defensive kick-off team.  Because when the whistle blew for the game to begin, and the ball was kicked … I could run like the wind, find the ball carrier, and do my job.


And today, many years later, thankfully I have those butterflies again.  I had almost forgotten what it felt like. Read More »

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Article By Dee DeWitt

It’s true that not all employers will be enthusiastic about hiring, or even retaining, older workers in the coming year(s).  But the good news is that the overall statistics might well be on your side if you’re 50 or older.


The limited numbers of younger generations simply will not match the rising need for workers over the next 10 years.


This may not be of consolation now with the economy in recession and many more job seekers than there are jobs to fill … but it is good news for the future if you are a baby boomer.


What this means for the longer term is that employers will be forced to look at alternate labor sources.  Of course they can outsource, further automate or contract their staffing ranks, but this will not suffice in all cases.  And besides, many baby boomers may prefer contract employment relationships for a variety of reasons. Read More »

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And learning we are not what we do for a living …

Article By Dee DeWitt

You are what you do.  That’s the unfortunate lie that our culture has ingrained into most of us since we were children bringing our parents into school for career day.

However, if you are one of the millions who find themselves without work in this economy, you’ll find that the job search and the imposed idleness chips away at your self-esteem.  As a job search stretches into months, you begin to wonder what happened to your energy, your sense of humor and perhaps even your sanity.

And in the midst of it all, you are bombarded by – guess what – thousands of articles and tips that make coping with unemployment and a job search sound simple, easy.  Bombarded to the point that you begin to resent the tips and assume there is an ulterior motive for every article … if you will only send in $19.99 for the “real” solution!

Yet solutions for dealing with unemployment are not one-size-fits-all.  And they are not (or shouldn’t be) a get rich scheme for someone else.  And they are definitely easier said than done.   So with that said, here are my tips – not for getting the perfect job – but for getting through the day. Read More »

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Article By Dee DeWitt

How many people do you know working their dream jobs right now? How many people do you know working in a job that pays the bills but their sights are set on something bigger and better … when the time is right?


I was visiting with my cousin from Princeton, Kentucky last night, and he mentioned that there are only two people he personally knows that are working the job that they really love.  And both are exceedingly happy.


I believe the number of people working in jobs to pay the bills far exceeds those working their dream jobs.  That’s not inherently a bad thing, particularly since most people have very good reasons for wanting to earn a paycheck … especially now … Read More »

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Article By Dee DeWitt

Most of us can remember many situations when we experienced change while on the job.  Whether it’s moving from one software system to another, relocating to a new office, or adjusting to a new boss, change is inevitable.


During the current economic turbulence, many of us find that the changes we encounter on the job are suddenly much more frequent and substantial than usual … unexpected layoffs, severe budget cuts, job responsibilities that are expanded overnight (many times to cover laid off workers) are now all too prevalent as we struggle to dig out of today’s recession.


For employees left in the wake of such changes, it can be difficult to set aside frustrations and anxiety to adjust to challenging new situations … when your company enacts change that represents some sort of threat or loss, the reflexive reaction for most people is denial.  You might tell yourself that it will never happen to me, however being resistant to change doesn’t stop it from happening and may even jeopardize your job security. Read More »

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