Why Make The Days Count?

First, I appreciate Christian singer-song-writer Chris Rice’s song “Life Means So Much.”  I believe he got it right when he said (and I am paraphrasing) … we all have the same amount of time each day, time is our most precious resource, and when you think and reflect about your life … do you want to see a series of random entries … or do you want to write your own story?

To me, this way of thinking touches everything from how we think about ourselves to all of the various ways we can positively impact people, our actions, and all the things we touch.

I don’t believe this means we have to be controlling … we can’t and shouldn’t try to control everything … we’d likely be miserable if we tried.  Instead, it reminds us to appreciate what we have and motivates us to make the most out of life.

And this includes our day-to-day relationship with God and how we put that relationship into practice in our everyday lives.

We can do this through new and more productive ways to relate to family or practice: happiness, gratitude, helping others, finance, look at our career, books, productivity, fitness and health, simplifying and spirituality.

So this blog is really about reminding ourselves what’s important in our lives, how we can be more productive each day, and what makes life truly meaningful.

I chose “Make The Days Count” as a reminder and because it because it describes, I hope, the intent of the blog in a concise way.

Be present. Make each day count. Be productive.  Be grateful. Forgive. Live well.


Dee DeWitt

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