Guided Meditation: The Brilliant Grove

Article by Stefanie Johnson

There are magical places that exist within each one of us, inside our minds, hearts, and souls. By visiting these places, we can tap into the infinite and bring peace and abundance into our lives.


Each journey will be unique, as we are unique, so you may want to have a notebook and pen nearby to record your experience afterward. You may choose to have another person read the meditation to you so you may experience it more fully.      


Find a comfortable place, close your eyes, open your mind, and prepare yourself to travel within.


This week, to honor the arrival of the harvest season, let’s take a trip together to the Brilliant Grove, and sit down to enjoy the beautiful colors of the changing leaves. 


You’re carrying a picnic basket, and walking through a meadow.  The grass is a little more amber than green now, and crunches faintly when you step on it.  It’s a little crisp and windy out, but the sun is still warm, and you’re wearing a cozy sweater.


The air smells like fresh apples, and you can hear the cheerful pipe of birdsong in the distance.


You can see the Brilliant Grove a little ways off, a colorful clump of trees with sunlight streaming down on them.


There’s a small clearing amidst the trees, and there you kneel down and open your picnic basket. Inside the picnic basket is a vividly-patterned picnic blanket that you take out and spread on the grass.


(What pattern is on the blanket?  What are its colors?).


You’ve brought some food and drink along for this trip as well … some of your autumn favorites. You unpack and nibble on them as you lay back and look at the sky overhead.


(What did you bring in your basket? How does eating it make you feel?)



The trees are beautiful, each one a different, brilliant color and you smile as the wind rustles through them and leaves dance over your head.


One tree still clings to summer, and gazing at the emerald green leaves makes you feel very serene. Yes … winter will come soon and rob it of the greenness, but it will be back next year, and just as beautiful, if not more so.


The tree beside it has all pale gold leaves, and they shine in the sun as though precious.  The bright color makes you feel cheerful, and a little bird peeks down at you from the branches and sings to you as though it too can feel your happiness.


The rest of the trees all have mixed colors of leaves, save for one. The others very pretty, but they do not draw your eye like this one does.


The tree you can’t seem to look away from has leaves that are bright orange, blazing crimson, and deep scarlet.  It almost looks like as if it is on fire; the colors are so vivid and striking. You stand up, reach out, and take one of the leaves into your hand.  You instantly feel energized, as though all the bright colors have somehow recharged you.


This tree burns so brightly, and is so uniquely beautiful.  There is no other tree in the forest to compare it to … Just like you.


The Brilliant Grove is here for you whenever you need to rest, recharge, or just take a little time away to see something simple, but beautiful. 


In the autumn of life, there’s a settling down – contentment and sureness in what we do … But with the passing of these seasons, life is still not done, not through, for there is yet another season, when each spirit is renewed.  And it is in this calm fifth season, in this hopeful second spring, a time of cleansing and rebirth, a time of new awakening.  Each person’s life will come full circle, even as the seasons do, to start another, different life, much better than the one we knew.

 - C.A. Schlea


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Posted on 2 October, 2009 in Balance, Fitness & Health, Making the Day Count
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