Guided Meditation: Many Gifts and Blessings

Article by Stefanie Johnson

There are magical places that exist within each one of us, inside our minds, hearts, and souls. By visiting these places, we can tap into the infinite and bring peace and abundance into our lives.


Each journey will be unique, as we are unique, so you may want to have a notebook and pen nearby to record your experience afterward. You may choose to have another person read the meditation to you so you may experience it more fully.      


Find a comfortable place, close your eyes, open your mind, and prepare yourself to travel within.


When it seems like everything is stressful and terrible, when life feels like a struggle … it’s hard to remember that there is much in your life for which to be grateful.  Remembering all the many gifts and blessings that have been given to you over your lifetime can help you to center yourself again with a feeling of gratitude for all that has passed and renewed energy for the future.


You are in a large room with bay windows that let in bright, cheerful sunlight.  The room has been decorated as if for someone’s birthday, with streamers and balloons and colorful confetti.  There are several large tables.  Two of the tables are heaped with piles of gifts, though another table is completely bare of anything, even a tablecloth.  The last table has a mouthwatering cake on it, the most wonderful looking cake you’ve ever seen, with all your favorite flavors and ingredients.


This is all here for you, and no one else.  As your friends and loved ones filter into the room to hug and congratulate you, you feel very lucky, very blessed.  It seems that everyone you’ve ever cared about is here to honor you, even those you haven’t seen in years, and those you thought had passed from this world.  These gifts are all from them to you, and you honor them by opening them and accepting them into your heart and life.


There is no place here for darkness and bitterness, only love and acceptance is directed at you.


You walk over to the table heaped with gifts and select one to unwrap.  Inside the first gift, is the first gift you remember receiving in your entire life.  You look down at it, touch it, remember how you feel when you first received it.


(What is the gift?  Who was it from?)


You go and embrace the person who gave you the gift, and tell them how grateful you are for their love.  Then you carefully set the gift on the empty table, and move on to the next … When your tear off the brightly colored wrapping paper, there is a box.  Inside the box, there is … nothing, or so you think at first.  But then, as you peer inside that nothing, you see what is really in there – the happiest moment you have ever had in your life.


You close your eyes and savor that moment as it rushes from the box, as shiny and fresh as though you are experiencing it for the first time. It makes you smile, and fills your heart with joy.


(What are you remembering?  Describe it.  Share it.)


You keep on this way for quite some time … unwrapping this mountain of gifts that your loved ones have brought for you.  These gifts are filled with wondrous things, with feelings and memories, with gifts of times past and things you thought you had lost or forgotten.


Once all the gifts are unwrapped, you stack them carefully on the bare table and fetch yourself a piece of cake.  You bite into it and savor it, for it’s the most delicious cake you’ve ever had.  As you eat it, you look at the gifts, noting how they have filled that once sad, empty table with color and beauty …


But more importantly … you feel so fortunate that all of the people you have loved in your life came to celebrate with you, and you feel a deep sense of gratitude for each of them.


Whenever you lose sight of all the wonderful blessings that you have been given, the party will be here, waiting for you, and the gifts will be rewrapped so that you can open them again and again, and give thanks.


“What you are is God’s gift to you, what you do with yourself is your gift to God.”

- Leo Buscaglia


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Posted on 25 September, 2009 in Fitness & Health, Gratitude
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