Guided Meditation: The Stone Labyrinth

Article by Stefanie Johnson

There are magical places that exist within each one of us, inside our minds, hearts, and souls. By visiting these places, we can tap into the infinite and bring peace and abundance into our lives.


Each journey will be unique, as we are unique, so you may want to have a notebook and pen nearby to record your experience afterward. You may choose to have another person read the meditation to you so you may experience it more fully.      


Find a comfortable place, close your eyes, open your mind, and prepare yourself to travel within.


Sometimes it seems like we’ve run out of options, and the world around us just doesn’t care. Sometimes we look around and don’t see a clear path to our goal.


Today, let’s take a trip together through the Stone Labyrinth, and look for the paths we may have missed.


Mist and emerald green hills rise all around you.  The sky is overcast, and everything is eerily quiet.  You get the sense that you are in a very ancient place, a place that has been around since humans first came into being.


Before you rise tall walls of gray stone.  They stretch into the distance and form a pattern up the side of one of the hills.  It’s a huge, intricate labyrinth, and you must enter it … for in the heart of it lies your heart’s truest desire. 


Before you enter, take a moment to reflect on the nature of that desire, and how it would change your life.  Why do you want it?  What would you do if … no, when, you reach it?


You take a deep breath, keeping the image of what you desire strongly fixed in your mind, and step inside. There are at least four paths before you, and you stand there for a moment and stare at them, already feeling overwhelmed and unsure of which to choose.  You turn around, but the entrance to the labyrinth has vanished.  There is no going back.  Every choice you make in the labyrinth seals the way behind you. 


We all begin this way, don’t we?  We have this image of what we want, and yet when we go to look for it, we become lost.  We turn around and try to retrace our steps and find where we went wrong, but we simply can’t.


There is no going backwards.  You can only go forward.  Don’t be scared – you aren’t alone in here, and I promise you’re going the right way.  This isn’t as bad as it looks, and as long as you keep walking, you still have a chance of reaching the heart. 


So make your choice, and walk forward with your head held high.


You travel farther and farther in to the labyrinth, sometimes going straight, sometimes following the almost serpentine coils of stone, both lost and found in your pursuit of your heart’s greatest desire.


Then you come to a place that frightens you more than any other.


You have hit what looks like a dead end, and there is no turning around.  You’re stuck, and slightly panicked.


You replay every turn you took in your head, and second guess each one.  You berate yourself for every wrong decision you made.  Look at where I’ve gotten myself, you say bitterly.  I thought I was being guided on this journey!


Take another deep breath.  Relax.  Things are not always what they appear.


Just because you don’t see a clear path in front of you doesn’t mean you’re stuck.  This is a test of your passion and your resolve, and if you fail it, you really will be stuck.


But you aren’t going to fail it.  You’re stronger than that.  You must never stop looking for the way, never give up. 


Reach out your hand and run your fingers to the edge of the wall.  When you feel the area of rock that has a different texture than the rest, then push.  You push with all your might, and the wall shifts, sliding to one side to reveal a single path before you, a path that leads directly into the heart of the labyrinth.


What you seek is there, waiting for you.  You walk to it with all your mind and heart and soul focused toward it, and you know it is there, in your grasp.


Reach out and touch it. Know that it is yours.


You took the right path.


You earned it.


Whenever you doubt yourself, return to the stone labyrinth, and walk the path your heart lays before you. 


“Believe in yourself! Have faith in your abilities!  Without a humble but reasonable confidence in your own powers you cannot be successful or happy.”

-Norman Vincent Peale


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Posted on 16 September, 2009 in Balance, Fitness & Health
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