Follow Your Heart and Do What You Deserve in Life!

Following your heart and achieving your dreams requires you to feel what is inside yourself.”  


Article By Jennifer Snelling

Do you know what you deserve in life?


Think of the people who have lifted you up, encouraged you, and loved you unconditionally.  What would they want for you?  What would they encourage you to do?


Do you deserve any less than those things? 


The key is to see yourself from a loving point of view.  Don’t talk yourself out of your goals by dismissing them as unrealistic … or by telling yourself that a person like you could never accomplish them.  After all, if they are your ideas, you obviously are the right person for them.  They belong to you and you alone.


This is not to say that life is easy if you elect to believe in yourself or believe that you deserve those things you want most.  In fact, it is probably more difficult than simply doing what is expected of you or what is considered acceptable or normal. 


However, it is the struggle that makes you feel alive and motivated.


When life pushes you down, or makes you feel undeserving or like a failure, it is easy to let go – to give up – and decide, “It just wasn’t meant to be.”


I’m here to challenge you to let go of that theory.


Listen to your heart.  If your heart tells you to settle or to move on to new goals, then by all means do so.  However, if there is a lingering thought or even the slightest nagging in your mind that says, “What if?” or continues to haunt you, then look for a new path in which to carry out your goals.


Even if you aren’t following your original plan, even if you are backed into a corner, continue to ponder your idea or your goal.  Continue to look for a way to execute it – even if it takes years.  If it is really that important to you, it is worth it.


Sometimes, after enough time and thinking, a new opportunity will present itself in an unexpected and exceptional way.


Look inside yourself and let your creativity flow.  You are a valuable human being with your own individual mind and ideas.  You are capable of love and you are capable of self-respect.  Be honest with yourself.  You know what you deserve; you know what you feel inside yourself.  Don’t let the often harsh world or others who claim to know what is best for you take that away.


Following your heart and achieving your dreams requires you to feel what is inside yourself.  Once you identify that feeling, it will be all you can do to hold it inside.  Don’t. 


Let it out.  Throw yourself into life and all you do. 


You deserve it.


“There’s nothing wrong with having your goals really high and trying to achieve them.  That’s the fun part.  You may come up short.  I’ve come up short on a lot on my goals, but it’s always fun to try and achieve them.”
-Tiger Woods


“To believe in yourself and to follow your dreams, to have goals in life and a drive to succeed, and to surround yourself with the things and the people that make you happy – this is success!”
-Sasha Azevedo


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Posted on 11 June, 2009 in Goals, Happiness, Motivation
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