Life Moves Forward: Opening Yourself Up to Change

If I am open to the gifts that lie in the present moment, I can move forward with peace…”

Article By Make The Days Count Contributor Judy Mosley

I had been looking forward to this day for months.

For many people, March 20th probably didn’t mean very much, but for me, it was a cause for celebration. It was the First Day of Spring and I was determined to celebrate.  We got the children out into the sunshine and planted our sunflowers. Earlier that week, I had bought hot dogs to roast over the tiny fire pit in our backyard.  I knew that this celebration wouldn’t end the cold weather, but that it would remind us of the fact that spring was here, no matter how we felt on the inside.

Change is inevitable.  Life always moves forward.  Many people welcome change, no matter how it may appear.  Others dislike change for reasons that are individual as they are.  But what I have noticed is those who welcome change seem to be much more content and at peace than those who do not.  So whatever the reason for avoiding change, we can look to accept it by transforming how we think about it.

1. Accept Change as a Fact

Seasons change.  People change.  And aside from the basic laws of nature, there is nothing that remains in the same state.  Life was meant to move forward and we were meant to move with it. When we make peace with this natural law, we might discover that we can make peace in other areas of our lives.  And as I was recently reminded through a children’s program, “If nothing ever changed, think of all the interesting things that we would miss out on.”

2. Change Gives Us New Opportunities.

I was talking to a friend recently and we discussed whether or not we would relive our early twenties if given that opportunity.  I told her I would not.  For me, growing up has been good.  Not without pain, in any measure, but it’s given me the chance to change what I can, depending on where I was at the moment.  Life was too messy in my early twenties and even though I had gathered wisdom from that time period, I would not want to live them again.

Change always gives us the opportunity to grow.  It offers us the chance to learn more, to take risks, or to simply be open to a new life, even if we aren’t sure what that life will be like.  But we have to be willing to become uncomfortable and that’s not easy, especially if we really are happy with our life as it is.

3. Change Helps Us Make Peace with Ourselves.

When we learn to move forward with life, we will gather the strength to make peace with our past, as well as the future.  We will start to realize that our past, or the events of it, do not define us now in the present moment.  When we can let go of the past and the grip that it may have on us, we can be freer for the present moment.  When we live fully in the present moment, we can make our decisions for the future, based on wisdom and experience, without letting our past determine every move that we make.

As the spring celebration continued, my family sat around the fire pit, eating the hot dogs as we talked and laughed about everything.  Our conversation was sprinkled with the past, the present, and the future.  And we were content with all of it, even the very difficult parts.  As the night’s temperature began to drop, we brought the conversation inside.  

And as I poured water onto the fire, I thanked God for the First Day of Spring.  I thanked Him that Life moves forward and that this is something that I can depend on.  And if I am open to the gifts that lie in the present moment, I can move forward with peace, no matter what the future might look like.

The seasons are shifting, The winter shades lifting,
The springtime is filling
Earth’s children with mirth.
The daffodil yellow, The south wind so mellow,
The gentle rain falling,
Upon the green earth.
The song sparrow singing, New life quickly springing,
All nature is telling
A tale of rebirth:
The deep wells of being, Beyond each day’s seeing,
O’er flowing with new Life,
Restoring the earth.

-David E. Bumbaugh, “Spring”

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Posted on 13 April, 2009 in Making the Day Count, Motivation, Spirituality
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