Giving Birth to Life – Lessons Learned While Being Pregnant

Article by Make The Days Count Contributor Judy Mosley


Life.  It’s the energy that pulses inside of us all.  In the Bible, Genesis 2:7 says that God breathed into Adam the “Breath of Life [caps mine]” and that breath has never ceased.  It’s the magic that was set into motion from the beginning of time and every single human being is capable of bringing it forth.


There’s a lot of buzz going on in the Mosley household.  I am expecting our third child and the excitement is mounting.  But lately, I’ve been learning some things that I hadn’t realized in my previous pregnancies.  They’re lessons that I want to hold onto and I think they apply to every person on this planet.


Even though pregnancy is a very physically evident way of bringing life into the world, all of us have the force within us to bring out life.  It can be birthed by our creativity – how we relate to those around us, the jobs that we perform, and how we deal with our money.  Life is inside of us all, waiting to come out and through my own experience.  I have discovered some things that may help to guard the life that is growing within you. 


1. Take Your Time

Growth takes time.  If all goes well, I have another five months of being pregnant, giving my little one the chance to grow in a safe environment.  I’ve had to learn to eat slower so that I can really get what I need without unnecessarily stuffing myself.  I’ve had to slow down as I work about the house, knowing that I can’t do as much as I want to for the sake of myself and the baby.


The same goes for all growth.  It’s everywhere in nature.  Children do not become adults overnight, nor can you grow spiritually, mentally, emotionally, or relationally that way either.  It takes time, understanding, and the maturity to know what things you are ready for and what you aren’t.  


It’s also why community is so important.  We need good people in our lives to remind us of where we are and what we are capable of.  People that support us in our growth, not hinder it.  In our rush about world, it’s important to remember that all good things take time to grow into what they were meant to be.


2. Be Careful What You Take In

Last night, I ate an entire bag of fried okra.  It tasted good for about five minutes but the joy didn’t last for long.  I felt terrible the rest of the night.  And it’s not just food that I’ve had to watch out for. I can’t listen to NPR anymore.  Too much information makes me overwhelmed.  Going to Wal-Mart makes me weepy almost every time.  And my emotions?  Well, let’s just say that some I have time for and others, I don’t .


This is one that I really want to remember once my pregnancy is over and I return back to “normal.” We live in the information age.  We get updates on late-breaking news events and a constant barrage of whatever people want to send us.  But, have we really thought about how all this “important” information effects us?  Just pay attention to how it makes you feel.  This goes for food and people as well.  After you eat something, after you’ve been with someone, how do you feel afterward?  Do you feel better or worse? Are you stronger or weaker from what you have just absorbed?  


I think the truest test of something is how you feel after the event has taken place.   If it makes you better, it was worth it.  If it makes you smaller or feel hopeless, then did you really need it in the first place?


3. Give Yourself Grace

I don’t think there is anything more awkward, besides being a teenager maybe, than being pregnant. Everything is thrown off.  Your balance, your hormones, your brain cells.  Everything seems out of wack.  That is why I have to give myself grace.  I have to be real with my situation and not expect something out of myself that just isn’t possible right now.


The same goes for your own growth.  Youʼve got to be real and know that you wonʼt do everything “right.”   You’ll probably feel awkward in your new skin.  It’s hard learning how to walk in a new way of living so give yourself the grace to walk a little slower than the rest.  You’ll get there.


4. Ask for Help

With my expanding belly, I remember that I can’t do everything on my own.  Like bending over to reach something.  That’s getting difficult.  And I’m tired.  A lot.  So when my husband is home from work, I let him know that I need an extra nap.  I just can’t do everything on my own, so this is where I have to ask for help.  I have to use my voice if there is something that I can’t do, even if it may inconvenience someone else.


Do this for yourself as well. If there is something that you don’t understand, ask for help.  If you need a nap, ask a friend to come over so that you can get one.  Know your limits.  Don’t push yourself to prove anything to yourself or those around you.  Be real about your growth and be willing to ask for help.


5. Be Honest About Where You Are and What You Need

This is probably the hardest thing to do.  In our society, image is everything.  We want to be the ones that can do anything, that can pull themselves up by their bootstraps and be a success.


But what every successful person will tell you is that they needed help along the way and they needed to be honest about it.  This means we have to be vulnerable to those we can trust and tell them what’s really going on.  There are many times when I admit to my husband that I get lonely being inside the house so much.  I have to tell him when I need a break, to get out and go with friends, so that I can feel like a normal person.


Don’t let fear keep you from being real so that you can get what you really need.


All growth is exciting.  It means that change is coming and that life continues as it should.  Open yourself to the life that is in you but remember to guard it.  Your heart has much to give.  Take care of yourself and watch what wonderful things spring out of you.


“Sooner or later we all discover that the important moments in life are not the advertised ones, not the birthdays, the graduations, the weddings, not the great goals achieved.  The real milestones are less prepossessing.  They come to the door of memory.”
-Susan B. Anthony


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Posted on 13 February, 2009 in Balance, Gratitude, Happiness, Making the Day Count
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