Reawakening Your Creativity

Article by Make The Days Count Contributor Blake Cothron


Creative expression is a reflection of our souls, our inner selves. 


I titled this article “reawakening creativity” because we are already essentially creative beings.   All of us used to spend hours each day drawing, painting, playing imaginative games, singing happy songs, and greatly enjoying our creative sides.  Unbeknownst to us at the time, we were benefiting greatly from this care-free expression and developing skills for life. 


Children open up to their inner selves very naturally through imagination and play.  As adults we’ve gradually developed walls to close out and silence this inner self.  Through reawakening creative expression we can get a glimpse of our inner souls and receive insight into our lives.  That insight can help us to recognize our needs and wants, show us hidden desires and even hidden traumas, and allow us to tap into beauty and a depth of experience we may not have known since childhood.


Expressing ourselves is also an excellent way to relieve stress, heal trauma, create relationships with other people, and have fun!  It’s a very healing, healthy, natural thing to do.  When done in a group setting, it’s a great way to discover more about other people and a way to show them your inner self, while getting a glimpse of theirs. 


With the 1960’s counter-cultural revolution, there was a renaissance amongst the arts.  People were pioneering all new ways to express themselves.  Art was radical, wild, and unconventional, as was the music and performing arts.  This opened up all new doors for all of us to think in new ways, live in new ways, and express ourselves new ways.   



It can take courage to express things artistically for others.  For some of us, creativity may be more of a private thing.  We may express it by writing in a journal, painting, and writing songs.  More outgoing folks might sing in a church choir, join an acting club, perform at coffee shops, or start a band.


And there is no limit to the ways creativity can be expressed.  We might express it by gardening, interior design, writing a book, designing cars, martial arts, blogging, web design, the methods are endless. 


Creative expression is life-affirming.  It feels good!  It’s satisfying to have played a really great song for other people, or look over a newly finished painting.  Art can be a spontaneous thing, awakening intuitive alpha-brain waves instead of our usual beta brainwaves of practical wakefulness.  When we open up our intuitive sides we can gain insight into who we are and gain greater understanding of life. 


Letting Things Out

It’s called a creative “outlet” because it gets things out.  Out of the bonds of our hearts and minds, into the physical world.  Sometimes that means out of our subconscious into the awakened consciousness.  When things like pain and trauma are no longer hiding in our subconscious, wreaking havoc, they can be brought out and seen, realized, and healing begins.


Sometimes creative expression surprises the person doing it!  There have been times when I was operating under full alpha brainwaves, drawing an abstract drawing, paying no attention to form, design, or outcome.  After drawing it, I noticed it was an exact rendering of something that had happened the day before that had not been processed by my outer, conscious self. 


Drawing brought up an event from my subconscious into the light of consciousness.  In that light, I was able to deal with it instead of it hiding in my subconscious and causing mysterious problems.   Anyone who’s ever sat in on a really good improvised music sessions knows that amazing things often happen.  Unknown melodies, harmonies, and depth of feeling emerge in the music.  It’s almost like magic.


Stress, Anxiety, Boredom

Creativity is a great way to relieve stress, anxiety and boredom.  It’s also great for anger and frustration.  Get wild with it.  Go somewhere private, scream and shout and bang on drums, smear paint on huge canvases, jump up and down, whatever you want to do.  Don’t even think about how it looks, how it sounds, how you look, what will happen.  That’s how genius emerges.  Just be real and realize your freedom to create whatever you want!  You can judge it later if you want.  Clear your mind of thoughts and create. 


Expressive Ideas

What methods of creative expression most appeal to you?  Are you artistic?  Do you like to paint, draw, photograph, do pottery?  Are you a designer?  Are you more physically creative, like gymnastics, acting, spinning poi?  Find what creative outlet is best for you right now.  What creative outlet do you naturally lean towards?  Try it out.  If you used to express yourself more, I encourage you to start again. 


Music Improv – If you’re a musician, try improvising just for fun.  It’s surprising that some musicians completely stick to sheet music and virtually never improvise or write their own music.  Are painters only to paint other people’s pictures?  Make stuff up.  Don’t worry about how it sounds.  It doesn’t have to be perfect.  Nobody but you has to hear it.  If you’d like to find other people to play with, look on the internet and local newspapers where you can find other musicians playing most styles of music and looking for band mates.  It’s also great to hide a recording device in a room during an improv session so you can listen to it later.  Recording is great because you can experience the session it again.  But the main thing is just expressing yourself and having fun.  


Clubs and Gatherings – You can easily find other people to do creative things with.  There are all sorts of clubs, gatherings, and postings online for people with similar interests.  I recently found this place called the Knit Nook, where people get together regularly, knit and crochet together and talk.  It was really neat.  Doing creative things in a group multiplies the fun and is an enriching way to spend time with people. 


Go Solo – If your creativity is more solo, there are many ways to fan the flames of your imagination.  You can go to inspiring places like beautiful parks, areas with old architecture, wilderness areas and gardens.  Checking out other people’s art can be very inspiring and give you ideas.  Buy the supplies you’ll need to have on hand when a creative spark flares up.  Buy extra canvases, paint, film, clay, whatever it is. 


Set Aside Time – Setting aside special time to make art is a great way to start.  Finish up everything you need to do for the day, turn off the TV, and go somewhere peaceful and conducive to alone time.  Light some incense, turn on some soft music and let the alpha waves flow!  You could also start a gathering of artists at your home, have friends over, litter the area with art supplies, and go at it together. 


Creative expression will open up new levels of joy and healing in your life, if you allow it.  It’s a wonderful way to spend time alone and with friends. 


You’ll gain insights into who you are and what’s in your subconscious.  If you are actively making art, share it with someone else and invite them to create with you.  Spread the joy, inspiration and healing around.  Have fun!                                    


“If you’re going to create, create a lot.  Creativity is not like playing the slot machines, where failure to win means you go home broke.  With creativity, if you don’t win, you’re usually no worse off than if you hadn’t played.”
-Scott Adams


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Posted on 6 February, 2009 in Happiness, Making the Day Count, Motivation
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